The power of “I’m learning”

Note: I’m writing this during naptime. Oh, sweet silence!

I used to have a terrible attitude when it came to cooking. I would say things like “I’m terrible at cooking” and “I hate to cook.” Dread would well up in my stomach every time I’d even think about cooking. And so, I’d procrastinate and have to throw things together last minute. I cooked spaghetti, condensed soup casserole, and rice cooker meals. While each was not incredibly tasty, they went down alright and we’re still alive.

Part of the reason I wasn’t very good at cooking was because I didn’t know how to cook. Since I had it engraved in my mind that I hated cooking, I was pained at the thought of learning how to cook. And then, my attitude changed.  

With almost the flick of a switch, “I hate cooking” was replaced with “I’m learning.” It was a minor shift that created a major impact.

Rather than being mad at myself for taking over an hour to cook at “30-minute meal,” I simply stated, “I’m learning.” And if the beets were undercooked but the pasta overcooked? It’s okay because “I’m learning.”

Think of how you treat a child who is learning to walk. Have you ever said, “You’re terrible at walking”? No! I’m sure modest old ladies just gasped at the thought of that. Instead, we cheer, smile, and encourage. “Come on! You can do this! You got it! Good job, Sweetie!”

Let’s be honest, anyone is terrible at anything when they’re learning. But the more you practice, the better you get.

So, it’s kind of ironic that saying “I’m a terrible cook” was the one thing that kept me from becoming a better cook. And oddly, since changing my attitude, I’ve actually started to enjoy cooking. I’m becoming better at it, and I’m proud to serve dishes like turkey chili, fried chicken, and seafood salad. (Not to mention they taste so much better!)

Is there anything that you’ve been saying you’re just no good at? Maybe it’s time to change that to, “I’m learning.”


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