The Miracle Morning {Book Review}


“The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod is an inspirational book geared at making you a more productive person. If you want to change the world, you first have to work on changing yourself.
The first concept of “The Miracle Morning” (TMM for short) is to use the first hour of your day for personal development. While you can fit the concepts of TMM into any part of your day, the first hour of the day is most successful for two reasons. First off, sometimes we simply can’t find the time so we can make the time by getting up an hour earlier.

Secondly, the first hour of your day is like the “rudder of the day,” setting the tone and direction for the rest of the day. I notice this to be true in my own life. If I wake up, dread getting out of bed, watching TV and generally be lazy, the rest of the day will follow suit. If however, I’m productive with the first hour of my day, I’m so energized to continue that productivity. So now, even on weekends, I bound out of bed eager to take on the day.
To make the most of the first hour, Hal suggests you practice the Life SAVERS:
Silence (meditate)
Scribing (Writing or journaling)
Hal Elrod devotes a section in the book about having a positive attitude towards sleep, stating that whether you feel groggy in the morning is more a matter of perception. I disagree with this wholly and find that when sleep-deprived, I’m grouchy, overly sensitive, pessimistic, and pick fights with my husband.
In “The Sleep Revolution,” Arianna Huffington writes that people who only get 4 hours of sleep for a prolonged period have the response rate similar to someone who is legally drunk. Sleep is important, and yet many of us make the decision to watch TV late at night instead of getting to bed at a decent time.
When I first read the book, my son was a baby and still waking up several times at night. For about a week or so, I was successful at getting up at 4:52 a.m….only to have my son also wake up an hour early. I tried a couple different versions of TMM and settled on this:
  • Wake half an hour early and meditateVisualize a big goal as well as how I want the day to proceed.
  • Practice affirmations to my favorite music as I throw on some clothes and pull a brush through my hair.
  • exercise with my toddler throughout the day. (His favorite game is “Go!” We hold him and run around the room while he says “Go!” He loves it, and it tires us out!)
  • Reading is the easiest one for me. As part of my journey to read one non-fiction book per week, I read most days during naptime and before bed.
  • Write in a gratitude journal at the end of each day. (This is also a great way to be mindful of how quickly my son is growing.)
It works best for me to have a short morning routine to start my day off on the right foot, then intersperse the rest of the Life SAVERS throughout the day.
The last thing I want to mention is the Facebook group for TMM ( It is amazing! At the time of this writing, there are 80,000 supportive, loving community members. Everyone is on a journey to improve themselves and are supportive to those starting out, to those who have fallen off the wagon, or to those like me who have adapted TMM to fit their lifestyles.
[Note: I found out about this book from Savvy Sexy Social (great Youtube channel for learning about vlogging, entrepreneurship, and social media; and I checked it out of the library but would like to buy it to reread it. All opinions are honest and mine.]

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