Vlog Like A Boss {Book Review}


In “Vlog Like a Boss,” Amy Schmittauer tells you everything you need to know about online video — how to get over your fears, set a goal, grow a community, encourage engagement and coming up with a strategy — while being funny at the same time.

Before reading this book, I considered my YouTube channel a business, as in “Yeah, I’d like to make money from this thing.” During the course of reading this book, I identified who my ideal client is, what my strategy is to attract and keep that client, and what makes me so special versus the thousands of book reviews out there.

This is awesome.

One of my favorite concepts is this idea of using “buckets” to schedule content. When Amy is cleaning her house, she puts similar items into a bucket, making it easier to put them in their intended places. The same concept can be used for online video. Instead of saying “I’m going to read one non-fiction book per week and review it” (talking about myself here), create buckets to differentiate content from one video to the next. It creates a little variety.

I could stick purely to book reviews and create buckets based on the type of book, say “Business,” “Biography,” and “Personal Development.” The first week would feature a business book, such as “Entreleadership.” The second week, a biography, such as “The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin.” The third week, a personal development book, such as “The Power of Now.” These are all books I have on my shelf that I’d like to read, but with the bucket concept, I can achieve a true sense of variety.

I could also deviate from the purely book-review format and create buckets for “Book Review,” “News about Lifelong Learning,” and “Monthly Recap.” This would allow me to save the book reviews for only those books that absolutely knocked my socks off. The books that were “good” or “alright” would get a quick review in the monthly recap.

I’ve long been a fan of Amy’s YouTube channel, Savvy Sexy Social (https://www.youtube.com/savvysexysocial), where she talks about online business and social media. I used her advice as a wedding photographer, then when I started my mom channel, and now, with my book review channel. She has so much content available for free online so you can figure out if her style works for you.

[Note: I literally screamed when I found out I was receiving an advanced copy of this book for free. That’s how much I wanted to read this book. My opinions are my own, and I was not persuaded to change them in any way, shape or form.]

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